Hey there!

My name is Ashley McDonald and I am the owner of AMCX Studio LLC. I am so excited that you are interested in working with me on a wholesale order. I love helping other businesses grow and I know that we can make a great team! I try to make things are pain-free and transparent as possible so for that reason, I have put together this document that will help outline how our wholesale agreement will work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at ashleym@amcxstudio.com

Thank you!
Ashley McDonald

This agreement must be made between AMCX Studio LLC ( referred to as “us”, “we”, or “our”) and yourself (referred to as “you”).


We strongly believe in a tight community. We believe that we rise when we support each other. For that reason, we try to keep our wholesale requirements as low as we can. To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must make qualifying purchases of 15 shirts or more at a time. You must be a valid business and by agreeing to the following terms and conditions you certify that you are such. You are only authorized to sell through the sales channels that you listed below that you have stated below. Secondary sales channels must receive prior written approval. You are allowed to use our branded images to help promote the sales of anything you order from us, however, do not crop out our logo.


We ask that you purchase a minimum of 15 shirts at a time. This helps keep costs low which results in better figures for everyone! If you have an emergency come up and you need to place a smaller order, an additional fee may be added.

“Holiday Orders” – We require all holiday-themed orders (with the exception of Christmas) to be placed 3 weeks in advance so that we can fulfill orders and ship them so that your customers have time to enjoy their holiday-themed items (IE Fourth of July shirts will need to be paid for by 6/13 to help ensure that items are completed and will arrive on time).

Due to high demand and holiday shipping time frames, we ask that all Christmas Holiday orders are paid for by the end of November 18th to ensure that we are able to fulfill and ship orders out to you in time. We can not and do not guarantee delivery times if an order is submitted after this deadline.


You will need to place an order through EMAIL. Please make sure to list sizes, colors, vinyl color, and any additional information needed. Once the order has been received, an invoice will be sent out along with a Google Drive Spreadsheet used to help categorize the order and to keep you up to date on your status. Please email all orders to ashleym@amcxstudio.com and I will send you a complete contract to review.