Where To Get Supplies

Where To Get Supplies

When you are starting a business or just doing this as a hobby, getting supplies is one of the beginning steps. However, if you are doing this as a hobby or a quick gift for a friend, getting the most BANG for your buck may not be on the top of your noggin. We all know about the popular craft stores like Micheals and Hobby Lobby, but with the convenience of online shopping with the already hectic schedules, a lot of us have, we need to have those reliable partners that we can just simply place an order with and get our merchandise in the mail. With so many options though, where are the best places?

Once you start searching for things, you will notice that Facebook Ads pops up various places and the first thing that runs through your mind “Can they be trusted?”. Being in numerous groups for Etsy, Crafting, and Cricut I have seen my fair share of “Where can I buy” posts. Glancing over and reading the comments, taking mental notes, I have found that often times there can be bad businesses who over promise and under deliver. However, time and time again I have seen a number of businesses pop up as “No, So and So is LEGIT!”. So this post is going to show you those businesses. Below you will find a compiled a list of the “Too Legit To Quit” Businesses that can be trusted with your Crafting Needs. As I find more great businesses, I will add them to the list. Comment below if you know a business that is amazing and needs to be added!


  • 651vinyl.com (They give you candy in every order!)
  • Craftables at shopcraftables.com
  • Happy Crafters https://www.happycrafters.com/
  • https://jpiblanks.com/

Bulk Blanks

  • www.JiffyShirts.com (My personal favorite. There are so many greats styles. I personally use Bella + Canvas for adults, but I have heard great things about Anvil as well).
  • https://jpiblanks.com/

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