We are adding a store!

We are adding a store!

AMCX Studio opened it’s “doors” last November on Etsy but didn’t pick up momentum until February of this year. I established an LLC for the business in April and have been working and evolving as a company. I am explored new avenues and I have a lot of great ideas for the direction of the company. As we are quickly approaching the one year mark, I have been thinking long and hard on how I want the second year to unfold. Although we can’t ever predict the future, I still want to plan what I can and think of how I can set up the second year for more success.

I have been kicking around the idea of opening a stand-alone shop for some while now but always felt it was too far out of reach. AMCX Studio has operated largely on Etsy and Facebook and although I have been pretty happy with the results, I am hoping that the launch of our “own shop” will bring more success. I have recently installed WOO-Commerce and am looking at videos and tutorials to adding all of my listings from Etsy (and even more bonus goodies) to one central store located right here at AMCXstudio.com. You will be able to shop for everything from decals to graphics and even shirts!

With that said, please excuse the dust while I make adjustments the site to help accommodate this new chapter. I hope that you will check back often to see how things progress. As always check back for DIY videos, blogs, and more to help you grow your own business. I really do have big plans and I am working on implementing them every day.



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  1. Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to shop with AMCXstudios.com!!!

    1. Thank you so much!

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