Let’s Talk Vinyl

Let’s Talk Vinyl

It is no secret that I am vinyl crazy. I originally started out by just wanting to make SVG files for other crafters, however, when my BFF came over and told me they had Cricuts on sale at a local discount store, I found myself inside said store not knowing how I got there. Thus the addiction to vinyl began. There are a lot of types of vinyl and if you are just starting out, it can be overwhelming. Let me help ease some of the fear of the unknown and break this down for you the best way I know how.

Let’s Talk About Vinyl!

So what is vinyl? When you type it in on google, you might find fencing, old records, or even a TV show (totally learned something new today). So what is the vinyl that we are going to talk about today? Craft Vinyl. Vinyl that can be used on cars, walls, and even shirts. Let’s dive in a bit.

Permanent Vinyl: Permanent vinyl (you will see it referenced as Oracal 651 in my listings on Etsy) is a vinyl that was created to stand up against the outdoor elements. It’s used on cars and fleet vehicles which makes it the perfect material for anything outdoor. Think business decals for windows, car decals of course, and even outdoor signs. Yes, those cute signs you see all over Pinterest, you can use it for those! But wait, there’s more! (No really, there is) Crafters rejoice at the awesomeness of 651 in the DIY world we live in. You can use permanent vinyl as your go-to vinyl for cups, tumblers, laptops – think anything that is going to have to stand up the elements outside or the being used constantly. Your imagination is truly your only limit. Oracal 651 boasts being strong for up to 6 years! It has a nice glossy finish which really makes your great designs pop!

Wall Vinyl: Wall vinyl is considered a “temporary” indoor vinyl. On my site, you will see it referred to as Oracal 631. It is a great way to instantly update the walls inside your home and business. 631 has a nice matte finish so there is no glare inside. Oracal boasts a product that can last nicely for 3 years with a clean removal for up to 2 years. This vinyl product makes it the easy to change a space without the mess, fuss, and commitment of painting. It is the perfect solution for renters, college students, and even parent’s who children’s taste always change (Mom approved stamp – 2 kids 7 and 3).

Heat Transfer Vinyl: Heat transfer vinyl (also referred to as HTV) is a vinyl that can be cut and used on a variety of products from shirts to bags. When heat is applied (can be a simple clothing iron or even an industrial heat press), it bonds to the fibers and can withstand daily use and washing. HTV makes for a strong and long use product! There are many different types of HTV including glitter and stretch for those more elastic fabrics. One of the more popular brands is Siser. Each type (and brand for that matter) comes with its own set of heating instructions so if you are a crafter, it is important to read the settings needed to help ensure that your products come out great.

I hope that this information has helped you get to know more about vinyl and the different types of vinyl. If you have any additional information to add, feel free to drop it in the comments below.

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