Over the last few years, we have compiled a list of our more frequently asked questions. We hope that this short list helps answer some of your questions. If not, no worries! Please feel free to shoot over an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why decals?

Vinyl graphics are a versatile product that offers small business owners the chance to easily update their storefront, studio, car and more. With their easy to install nature, it allows even the “uncreative” business owner can feel proud when they turn the key.

What do I need to know?

AMCX Studio uses the highest quality of PVC vinyl material with 2.5 mil thickness. All of our decals come ready to “peel-and-stick”. Your order will come equipped with transfer tape attached already with any helpful guides that we can provide for an easy to install process. Decals are semi-permanent in nature meaning that they are be removed BUT not reused. Please keep that in mind during the application process! After installation, the vinyl decals can last 3+ years inside or outside with proper care and maintenance.

Window Decals VS Wall Decals?

While both decals are made from the same type of material, window decals are a semi-permanent solution that is not able to be repositioned whereas wall decals can be moved around. Wall decals are less tacky and can be placed on most interior walls without damaging the paint.  

Are the decals repositionable?

Window decals are NOT repositionable! You run the risk of damaging the vinyl if you try and remove the decal from the window once you place it.

Is a decal the same as a sticker?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that they both “stick” to things. No, as in they are made from two different materials. Think of the last time you got a cute paper sticker. If you got it wet, the sticker would peel! Vinyl, when wet, does not peel. It’s made to last.

Do you do custom designs?

Absolutely! While I try and have a wide variety of designs for you to choose from, I understand that everyone is very unique in their business. If you see something that you like but want your own personal spin on it let me know. If you want to work with me but you don’t see anything that really fit your business, let me know as well! I would love to work with you to create a vinyl design that you will love.

Are the decals easy to install?

Full installation instructions are found by clicking on this page here. If you purchase a large decal, you will want to check your order for any guides included helping line things back up. Often time, there are blocks of vinyl or mark on your transfer tape that will help guide you. The decals will come in sheets of vinyl 1ft by 2ft. With proper placement and patience, you will be able to get it looking fantastic!

So I need to remove my vinyl, is this possible?

Yes, of course, you can! For the most part, vinyl decals can be pulled away from the window with no issues at all. If some time has passed, you may need a razor blade and window cleaner (or goo-gone) to remove any sticky residue left over.

My lease will not allow me to place the decal on the outside of the window?

Not a problem! When you place your order, just specify that you want a “reverse cut” and we will make sure to cut your decal for placement on the inside of your window.

Can I have more than one color?

Of course! We offer a large variety of colors and if you do not see your specific color, please let us know and we will help find a color that matches what you see your business needing. Please keep in mind that multiple colors may increase the cost of your design.