The story behind the new design

The story behind the new design

I have recently created a new logo for my studio. I wanted to create something that meant a little more to me, that had a symbol that I can use in place of the text. I wanted something really pretty essentially. I have created the logo below. During the design process (which took a few weeks) I thought deep down on what this business meant to me.

AMCX Studio has been a form of change for me. It has allowed me to explore my creative side and not only explore it, but find out the things that make me happy. I was really afraid of failure, of rejection, and never felt good enough. Much like a butterfly I was in a cocoon that I put up around myself. I hid in behind the walls that I built up. The butterfly to me represents being free, spreading my wings, and taking my life to new heights.


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  1. Oh my gosh, Ashley- this is so perfect!!! Beautifully done. You are amazing! Can I share your logo and story on my IG page please? It’s all about strong, thinking women like you!!

    1. Yes of course! Thank you so much! What is your Instagram? I would love to follow you 🙂

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