Unzipping Your Files

Unzipping Your Files

If you have bought a crafting file or downloaded anything from the internet chances are you have ran into a .zip extension. If you haven’t, welcome to the world of crafting! .Zip files are a group of files that a designer “zipped” into a folder to compress them for an easy upload & download. If you don’t know how to unzip them, it can be intimating or even frustrating if you try and upload this file into Design Space. You may even feel like your file is broken. Take a minute to *breathe*. It’s not broken, we just have to unzip the file and your great design will be located inside.

Let’s first take a look at what we are looking at. When you download a zip, it should appear like the image below. See that zipper – windows is so clever.

To unzip the file, you will want to located the file. Whether it is located on your desktop, in your download files, or where ever, the next steps are all the same.


  1. By either “Double-click the ZIP folder” or “Right-Click and Hit Extract All”.
  2. You can select where you want the file to go by hitting “browse”. You can create a new file within that folder or allow it to pick the default. Once you have picked your desired location, continue by hitting extract. *Pro-tip – click “Show extracted files when complete” to save yourself the next step.
  3. You can now open that new file. It should look something like what is shown in the second photo below.
Extracting the Zipped Folder
Your New Extracted Folder


Now while I do not have a Mac, I did look up instructions on exactly how to unzip the folders and it appeared to be just as straight forward as Windows *Yippie!*

  1. The first thing you want to do is locate your zip file (of course).
  2. Double-click the ZIP folder. This will prompt the computer to extract immediately.
  3. Wait for the unzipped folder to open. Now that the ZIP folder is done extracting, the unzipped version of the folder will open to display the extracted contents.

What’s Next?

Now that your files are unzipped, you will want to check out this How to guide on uploading your files into Design Space. You can do that by clicking on this link here.


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