Easy DIY Teacher Gift

Easy DIY Teacher Gift

Need a last-minute Holiday Gift for a special teacher? Have I got the easiest DIY project for you!

The school year has been rather crazy and as we near the Christmas holiday, the hours seem to FLY by like no one’s business. I feel like just yesterday I was making a game plan to eat the most food on Thanksgiving (spoiler alert, I executed it flawlessly!) With so many to purchase for kids, partners, parents, siblings, that aunt that you only see on Christmas, we oftentimes forget about those great people who willingly put up with our kids for hours on end – the teachers.

Now it can be hard to find something to gift them, I mean, what do they like? Do they enjoy cookies? Are they on a diet? What about coffee? Do they need wine? Is that inappropriate to send to school? The questions are INTENSE! *Breath* I have come up with the PERFECT gift that is budget-friendly and easy to make. BONUS points, it’s also useful! Are you ready to dive in with this Easy DIY teacher gift? Keep reading!

*This post contains affiliate links. They cost you nothing extra but I get a small portion of the sale. Not enough to make me rich, but I can get an extra foam board from the dollar tree!

What you need to buy:

  1. Dollar vase from Dollar Tree $1.00
  2. Pack of pencils (I got mine from Wal-Mart pack of 72 for $3.97. 

What you need that you probably already have:

  1. Adhesive permanent vinyl
  2. Cotton ball
  3. Alcohol

Bringing the total to just under 5 dollars! I went an extra step and picked up a cute bag for a few dollars to put the vase in as well. 

The first thing you want to do is find a super cute SVG file. Since it’s for a teacher, I chose “I’m sorry, was my teaching interrupting your talking?” and “I teach tiny humans, you can’t scare me!”. You can use whatever you want though. 

Once you decide on the colors you want, you cut out the design and layer any colors needed. 

Now is when it gets fun! Take a cotton ball and some alcohol and rub it over the surface of your vase. This will make sure that you are getting rid of any oils from your hands that might be on the glass. Once you have done that, allow the alcohol to air dry. Take your vinyl decal and place it on the cup. *Pro-tip, if you want to make it straight, fill the cup up with water and use the waterline as a good ruler!

Lastly, you will want to open your box of pencils and fill it up! I was able to fit around 65 in the vase comfortably. Put this present inside a tall gift bag and fill it up with some tissue paper, and you are good to go!

That’s it, guys! How cute is this easy DIY Teacher Gift Keep in mind creative, you don’t HAVE to put pencils in the cups! You can also put pens or dry erase markers, even paintbrushes would be perfect for an art teacher. Thinking outside of the box can yield some awesome results.

Easy DIY Teacher Gift

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