FREE Mock-Ups to download NOW!

These free mock ups come with commercial use meaning that you are allowed to use them in your business to help sell your product. Most mock-ups allow you to pull in a PNG image and place it over the mock up.

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Uploading Files Into Silhouette Studio

Although free, Silhouette Basic Studio Edition will not upload an SVG file. However, the program will upload a DXF file and most designers will provide that file along with the SVG when you make your purchase. The upload process for an SVG is the exact same for a DXF.

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Let’s Talk Vinyl!

There are a lot of types of vinyl and if you are just starting out, it can be overwhelming. Let me help ease some of the fear of the unknown and break this down for you the best way I know-how.

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Unzipping Your Files

.Zip files are a group of files that a designer "zipped" into a folder to compress them for an easy upload & download. If you don't know how to unzip them, it can be intimating or even frustrating if you try and upload this file into Design Space.

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