Hey there Creative People!

My name is Ashley McDonald. I am a wife, mother, graphic designer, and crafter. Right after college in 2012, I landed a job in the field of indie game design. I created everything from 3D renders to stories and GUI. Along the way, I gathered skills in project management and advertising. After years of saying I am going to build an Etsy shop and share things that I am most passionate about, I finally took the plunge near the end of 2017. Since then I have expanded and opened up shops on several different platforms!

When I am not pouring my heart into my work, I am usually spending it with my family. We love watching movies and going on adventures. 

Although they may not put the pencil to paper so to speak, these guys drive everything that I do in my business. From the best business advice from my husband Josh, to really telling me what’s “cool” from my tiny creatives, Inarah and William.  I could not do my business with out these three. I am so blessed to have such an awesome support team.


When I first began selling on Etsy, I knew that I wanted to create something. I started selling vinyl graphics and I tried hard to find the designs that I loved but it was hard to find ones that I was just completely in love with. Since I had my degree, I figured – I can make my own. Thus, the SVG side of my studio was born! I know how important it is that your cut files are easy to use. I hope that you enjoy my style of creating. I look forward to becoming your creative bestie! 

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