Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

One of the best shopping days is quickly approaching us and no, I’m not talking about Black Friday (although I got my eye on a few deals). The shopping day that I am loving this year is “Small Business Saturday”. It’s basically a great holiday right after Black Friday that brings people out of their house once more to support their own local community, shopping from small businesses.  That is a day where if you are a fan of supporting small businesses (local and online), this is the day that shop ’till you drop. We all know that the big box stores will get more than their fair share of customers, but if you want to make a big difference to someone, this is the day to do it.

November 25 (in just a few weeks) support your favorite small business and fill their heart with some cheer. Whether you are walking the streets of your own town, popping into boutiques or shopping online and supporting businesses on Etsy (like mine), it would mean the world to a shop owner if you made even just one purchase. Small business owners are a special type of person. They literally jump for joy when you purchase from them – trust me I know! My youngest still says “OOOOH! Momma got paid!” when he hears the famous “Cha-Ching” from the Etsy app echo in our house. Customers allow small businesses to do BIG things not only in their businesses but in their lives as well. It can even be a great confidence booster for the owner behind the shop. Plus, you will get a wonderful item that someone took a lot of care into creating.

If you are a small business, and you want some promotional material, hurry over to American Express Small Business Studio and download your own personalized material and apply to become a member. They have been sending out great boxes filled with fun merch to help support small businesses. I was able to grab a few things myself. If you want to check out the video of my unboxing, then keep your eye out for my youtube link.

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