Getting Start Guide

What Do You Need?

We can create a number of awesome graphics in the studio, the placement of each one will determine what type of vinyl you need. If you are wanting to decorate windows, cars, signs, or anything that needs to be a little more permanent, you will want to get use our permanent vinyl. If you are considering updating your walls with a fresh new design, you will want to use wall vinyl. Permanent vinyl is well “permanent”;  it is meant to last upwards of 4-6 years. Wall vinyl is safe for indoor use and can be removed with minimal damage.

Inside Vs. Outside

The placement of your decal will determine how I cut your vinyl. Inside cut, the vinyl will be placed on your glass from the inside where outside cuts, the vinyl will be placed directly to the outside of your window. Some people like it being protected from the weather (the vinyl I use will be fine in the weather and can last up to 4-6 years, inside just prolongs the life of the design). If you have tinted windows, inside cuts are not recommend as it could damage the tint or it will appear dull. Mostly, this comes down to personal preference, but no matter what direction you pick, the vinyl design will show correctly to the customers from the outside looking in. When in doubt, contact your building owner to see if they have any preferences or restrictions. 

Sizing Guide

Our decals are made to order and personalized. We measure our decals by the longest side.  If you are choosing a more vertical design, your final  design will be measured by it’s height. If you want exact measurements of your graphic, please reach out to us and we can provide you withe the final measurements. 

What size do I need?

It understandable that not everyone has a tape measure on hand when they need one. I myself have lost mine countless times! There are a few common items that you can use to help give you an idea of what you need. Sticky notes tend to run 3.5 inches where paper is 8.5 by 11. Some of the most common sizes for business orders are 18-24 inches.

Popular sizing for our smaller decals are as shown. Phones (2 inches) Cups (3-4 inches) Notebooks (3-4 inches) Laptops – by keyboard (3 inches) Laptop – on surface (6-9 inches) Car (5-7 inches) Car window (7-12 inches). For best results, we always recommend measuring.  


Applying your decal can seem SUPER intimidating, however with the right mindset and patience, you can rock this install all by your self! On the back our business card is a 5 step install guide and we include a URL at the bottom of the card that takes you to a more detailed how-to page with photos. You can see that install guide right here. 

Have more questions? Please contact us!