Fun Ways To Use Vinyl Decals

Fun Ways To Use Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are such an easy and fun way to make a statement, support a cause or just show the world a small piece of your personality. But if you think that vinyl decals are ONLY for your car windows you are WRONG! I am going to give you a list of 14 ways you can use your vinyl decal. AMCX Studio uses two types of vinyl depending on what you order – permanent and temporary. We are going to talk about the permanent today.

Here are 14 ways you can get creative with Vinyl Decals!

  • Add a decal to your car or bike.
  • DIY a cup for an upcoming holiday.
  • Toss your favorite decal or even your name on a notebook for a quick way to personalize stationery.
  • Make those signs that you fawn over in Big Lots for loads cheaper by getting blank wood and a decal (just order big enough!)
  • Wrap a decal design around a flameless candle for an instant upgrade!
  • Stick a positive quote on a mirror for a cute reminder that you are GORGEOUS!
  • Add a water tracker to your favorite Insulated cup to remind yourself to drink your water.
  • Slap a vinyl ruler on your desk for a no-hassle way to quickly measure anything.
  • Add labels to your spice cabinets or that cute cookie jar.
  • Create a quick and personal touch to party favors by adding the names of the guests.
  • Use tiles from Home Depot or Lowes to create a meaningful name placard. Add twine and flowers for that rustic charm.
  • Find your old wine bottles and create a fun scene and add lights for a quick holiday set up.
  • Grab some ornaments from your local store and add a vinyl decal to create your own personalized ornaments.
  • Find a cute small dish and add some colored vinyl to create a quick and easy jewelry holder.

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