FREE Craft Files 8/16

FREE Craft Files 8/16

Hey guys! I missed last week, back to school has been INSANE! To make up for that, I am offering a few extra freebies and $1 deals. Happy back to school season! Stay safe.

Every week there are a number of sites that offer some AMAZING free craft files! I have found a few of them and wanted to share them with you. This post contains some affiliate links, but no worries, it still doesn’t cost you one penny!

SVG By AM Freebie

Yall Aint Right

Limited Time Freebies

You can grab these cute papercut animals at Creative Fabrica using this link here. While you are there, make sure you check out their other freebies! They swap them out often so you don’t want to miss it. Their flash freebies include a super cute dolphin mandala!

This font is super adorable and super FREE. To make sure that you get it on time, make sure you grab it by Tuesday night. You can click right here. You do not want to lose the chance to get such a cute handwritten font. Font Bundles swap out their fonts every Wednesday, so make sure you check back. Every font comes with commercial use.

So Fontsy has released their 4 new freebies this week. To the left is one of the goodies that you can download. You can see them all by clicking the link below. You can grab a few craft files as well as a font “Buddy Mac”! Head on over to SoFontsy and snag your new craft files using this link here RIGHT HERE!

Design Bundles has launched their NEW set of free files this week. The one pictured to the left is one of the available mockups! There are two new fall-themed perfect for the upcoming change in season. Head on over to DB and snag your own awesome dragonfly set by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Plus a few more because I just couldn’t resist!

CLICK HERE to get “All You Need For Christmas”
CLICK HERE to get “Life Is Rough”
CLICK HERE to get “Why Fall In Love”
CLICK HERE to get “Dear Santa”

Daily Freebies

Below there are a few sites that offer freebies that you will want to put on your favorites list!

Creative Fabrica Daily Gifts CF changes out files daily offering a free font, free clip art, and free craft files. You will want to check this every day! Not only do they have 3 limited-time free files, but they also show you limited-time deals that are as low as $1!

Caty Catherine Caty is someone who I have been following for a WHILE. Every day she offers a new FREE file. I have grabbed a few myself over the last year and a half. I LOVE her so much and I know that you will too.

My Designs In The Chaos I stumbled upon some of her designs when I was looking for a name for my own business (I had tossed around the “Chaos” idea with 2 kids one of which is a handful and half) and I have to say that they are so fun! She has such a unique style. Although they might not be daily, her blog posts typically have around 4 files for FREE. Make sure you pop in there every once in a while. You won’t regret it.

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